Steen Enterprises Ltd.

John and Joanne Steen are jacks of all trades: out of their beachfront home on Ocean Drive they run a tour company called Tuktoyaktuk Tours, a restaurant, quayak, canoe, and vehicle rentals, as well as tire and vehicle repair shop. Their tour company is one of the oldest and most extablished tourism businesses in town. It offers a variety of local tours and activities, including a traditional food tasting. Grandma's Kitchen - a small take out restaurant with a spectacular view of the beach, is the newest addition to the family business. Open since 2018, they offer burgers, pizza, home made fries, soups, poutine, muktuk bites, and jams made from locally harvested berries. Limited seating is available. The restaurant operates seasonally. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the opening hours are subject to demand. You can dip your toe (or go for a swim) in the Arctic Ocean while waiting for your order. Toe dipping certificates, tshirts, and traditional crafts are also available for purchase.

Tuktoyaktuk is the anglicized form of the native Inuvialuit place-name, meaning "resembling a caribou". According to legend, a woman looked on as some caribou, common at the site, waded into the water and turned into stone, or became petrified. Today, reefs resembling these petrified caribou are said to be visible at low tide along the shore of the town.

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